High Quality Sikh Art For Your Home

Artist Kanwar Singh's unique collection of paintings are perfect for your home, office or to be presented as a gift. 

  • Art of Punjab Gift Cards

    Artofpunjab is now offering Gift Cards to celebrate all the special occasions. Give the gift of art to your family and friends for Sikh weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversary, house warmings and more.  Your loved ones can select a unique pa...... Read More
  • Sikhism 1469

    Siri Guru Granth Sahib - The Abode of Nanak

    The Abode of Nanak is a reflection on our daily relationship with the spirit of the Sikh Gurus as distilled into the Siri Guru Granth, which Sikhs regard as their living Guru. Siri Guru Granth Sahib is an anthology not only of the sacred compositi...... Read More
  • First Guru 1469 - 1539

    Guru Nanak at Kartarpur

    This painting of Guru Nanak at Kartarpur is an artistic attempt to express the divine light manifested by Guru ji in his old age when he attracted many followers to sit alongside him in the wheat fields of Kartarpur. Looking at this art piece, we ...... Read More
  • Second Guru

    Guru Angad Dev Ji

    Guru Angad Sahib prepares to write the Gurmukhi alphabet Before he left his body, Guru Nanak Sahib passed on the Guruship of the Sikh Panth to Bhai Lehna. Lehna, through a series of tests, had proven his worth as the successor to Guru Nanak. Guru ...... Read More
  • Third Guru

    Guru Amar Das Ji

    Guru Amardas doing seva The Third Nanak, Guru Amar Das Sahib, before his ascension to the Guruship, spent twelve long years doing difficult selfless service in the free kitchens of Guru Angad Sahib. Though he was an old man when he encountered ...... Read More
  • Fourth Guru

    Guru Ram Das Ji

    Guru Ram Das Sahib, the fourth Nanak, founded the city of Amritsar, which is today the spiritual and political capital of the Sikh Panth Guru Ram Das Sahib came from humble beginnings. He was born Bhai Jetha, and was an orphan who sold food...... Read More
  • Adi Granth 1604

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Birth of the Adi Granth

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth in the line of Guru Nanak, presided over a time of many great new horizons for the young Sikh faith. Amritsar, which had been founded by his father Guru Ram Das Ji, was becoming a great social, political and religio...... Read More
  • 1663 - 1984

    Guru Hargobind – Lord of Miri Piri

    Guru Hargobind became the Guru of the Sikhs at the age of eleven after his father Guru Arjan was martyered on the orders of the mughal emporer in Jahangir. Guru Arjan forsaw the need for change in the Sikh panth. Guru Ajran’s last message to his s...... Read More
  • 1609 - present

    Sri Akal Takhat Sahib – Throne of the Almighty

    This painting illustrates what Sri Akal Takhat sahib, the central legacy of Guru Hargobind sahib our sixth Guru, means to the Sikh quam.  The artwork weaves the stories and imagery we relate to Guru Hargobind sahib, such as Bandhi Chhor and Miri ...... Read More
  • 1665

    Guru Tegh Bahadur - The Protector

    Guru Tegh Bahadur laid down his life in order to protect religious freedom for all India which was under the oppressive rule of Mughal emperor Aurunzeb, who wished to convert the entire land to Islam. According to the Guru, living a truly spiritua...... Read More
  • 1699

    Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj

    Guru Gobind Singh ji, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, was born into this world to protect the righteous saints and to stand against evil tyranny. Under the oppressive mughal occupation of 17th century India, the Sikhs alone remained as a wellspring of...... Read More
  • 1708

    Gurgaddi Siri Guru Granth Sahib

    In 1708, Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, having consciously witnessed the sacrifice of the lives of all his four sons, handed over the legacy to the Guruship of the Shabad Guru, embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. He understoo...... Read More
  • Vaisakhi 1699

    Mata Sahib Kaur - Mother of the Khalsa

    Just as Guru Gobind Singh Sahib is considered the father of the Sikh nation, Mata Sahib Kaur is considered its mother. A remarkable young woman, Mata Sahib Kaur was a born leader who took her role as symbolic mother of the Sikhs very seriously. ...... Read More
  • Vaisakhi 1699

    Vaisakhi 1699 Birth of the Khalsa

    On the day of Vaisakhi in 1699 at Anandpur, the Sikh faith underwent its greatest transformation. Guru Gobind Rae, son of the martyred ninth master, Guru Tegh Bahadur had come to the realization that his Sikhs must adapt or perish in these perilou...... Read More
  • 1705

    Baba Ajit Singh – The Khalsa Charge

    The Story Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji The eldest son of the tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In the prolonged siege of Anandpur in 1705, Sahibzada Ajit Singh displayed his qualities of courage and steadfastness. When, at last, Anandpur was vacated ...... Read More
  • Battle of Chumkaur 1705

    Baba Jujhar Singh

    Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji Second eldest son of the tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. At the battle of Chumkaur on 6 Dec 1705, Guru Gobind Singh, his two son’s Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh and 40 loyal Sikhs defended themselves in a smal...... Read More
  • Battle of Muktsar 1705

    Mai Bhago and the Chaali Muktey

    Mai Bhag Kaur (Mai Bhago) was the inspiration behind the bravery of the martyrs known as the Chaali Muktey – the Liberated Forty – who died in the Battle of Muktsar (1705). She is best remembered as a valiant military commander and one of the elit...... Read More
  • 1753

    Baba Deep Singh Shaheed

      Baba Deep Singh ji is one of the most honored martyrs known to Sikh history and his life is intimately woven with the tenth master, Guru Gobind Singh ji. He belonged to the order of Akali Nihungs whose origins are ascribed to Guru Gobind Singh i...... Read More
  • 1715

    Banda Singh Bahadur - Sava Lakh Khalsa

    “I will tell you, whenever men become so corrupt and wicked as to relinquish the path of equity and to abandon themselves to all kinds of excesses, then the Providence never fails to raise up a scourge like me to chastise a race so depraved; When...... Read More
  • Battle of Anandpur 1700

    Bhai Bachittar Singh (Tonal)

    Bhai Bachittar Singh, a warrior under Guru Gobind Singh, was a brave hero who drove a spear into the head of an elephant at the Battle of Anandpur. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and a small number of Sikhs were defending their position in Lohgarh fort ...... Read More
  • Battle of Anandpur 1700

    Bachittar Singh – Saint Soldier

    Bhai Bachittar Singh, a warrior under Guru Gobind Singh, was a brave hero who drove a spear into the head of an elephant at the Battle of Anandpur. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and a small number of Sikhs were defending their position in Lohgarh fort ...... Read More
  • First World War

    1914 - 1918

    Stand on Guard for Thee

    In “Stand on Guard for Thee” artist Kanwar Singh focuses on the role of Sikhs during World War One. Sikh soldiers participated in most of the key battles of the Great War, whether in the trenches of France, or the deserts of Mesopotamia. To mark t...... Read More
  • Pillar of Peace

    The Harimandir Sahib is the heart of the Sikh Panth. It was conceived by Guru Ram Das ji when he built the sarovar on the site of a holy pool of water in the city of Amritsar, which he also founded. The next master, Guru Arjun completed the  Harim...... Read More
  • Kirtani Jatha

    Kirtan is the devotional singing of praise as expressed in the hymns and compositions of Sikh scripture. Adoration expressed in song is considered by Sikhs to be the highest form of devotion, unsurpassed as the way to overcome the effect of ego an...... Read More