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Sikh Artist Kanwar Singh Offers Unique Paintings for your home


Kanwar Singh is globally recognized as a painter of Sikh history with artwork exhibited in prominent public spaces such as the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum in Punjab India, as well as the Without Shape Without Form gallery in London U.K, which was created in 2017 to exclusively house his extensive collection of paintings.

His work focuses on the legacy of spiritual devotion and self-sacrifice spanning the lives of the ten Gurus and iconic Sikh heroes inspired by their deep connection to Waheguru (God). He captures quintessential historical moments, which over centuries have forged a dynamic Sikh community through its humble origins in Punjab, to its present political and spiritual standing as the world’s fifth largest religion. The artist continues to build a legacy of work which gives Sikh history a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations.

In 2007 Kanwar Singh has emerged as a premier artist of Sikh historical paintings of today’s generation when he established ArtofPunjab. His paintings on the lives of the Gurus and iconic Sikh greats are quickly instilling themselves in the consciousness of emerging generations of Sikhs globally. When he conjures up images of Sikh figures, his paintings convey an uncanny sense of presence, capturing the spirit of iconic subjects in defining moments of history. Since founding, Kanwar Singh’s ultimate goal has been to create a legacy of work which will give the Sikh story a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations. His work reveals the quintessential moments in Sikh history which have shaped a dynamic Sikh community through its nascent beginnings in medieval Punjab to its present political and spiritual standing as the world’s fifth largest faith group.

Sikh Painter Kanwar Singh


Born in Amritsar India, Canadian artist Kanwar Singh has been creating art for as long as he can remember. He is influenced by a host of past masters such as the Sikh painter Sobha Singh, and Western masters such as Caravaggio and J.W Waterhouse to name but a few.  The artwork he creates is wholly original and charts his personal journey into Sikhism.


Growing up in Toronto Canada, Kanwar explored several paths that would allow him to work as a professional artist including animation and book illustration. However, it was when he started to take a keen interest in Sikh history that he discovered the true source of his inspiration as an artist. 

Kanwar obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University and a Degree in Classical Animation at the prestigious Sheridan College.  Students come from all over the world to study animation at Sheridan because the program has such a strong reputation. Michael Hirsh, co-founder of Nelvana, refers to Sheridan as the “Harvard of Animation”


Kanwar Singh says that in his work he seeks to combines the grace and beauty of Sobha Singh’s portraits with the dramatic style of classic renaissance and baroque era painters.  In doing so he has created a body of work which stands alone within modern Sikh art exploring the spiritual depth, inspiration and beauty of consummate moments in the Sikh history. These works have been universally recognized by Sikh institutions worldwide as some of the finest Sikh Paintings of the current era, helping shape the image of Sikh history in our hearts and minds.