The Process

1. Purchase a Print

To purchase one of Kanwar Singh's exclusive paintings as part of your home decor, simple visit our Gallery and select a painting of your choice. Choose the type of art print (Premium Canvas, Textured Watercolour or Enhanced Matte) and select the size. Once you have selected all the art pieces simply go to your cart and checkout. The painting will arrive rolled in a secure mailing tube. To determine the size that will suit your wall space, measure the maximum height and width, then add an additional 2-3 inches on all sides to account for the frame. For example, if you want to purchase a 45" width x 30" height painting and plan on framing it with a 3" frame, you will need a total of 51" width x 36" height of wall space. It is also recommended that you leave an additional 3-4 inches of breathing room on the wall to maximize the look.

2. Frame It

Take your newly purchased fine art print to a custom frame shop in your local area. Most professional framers will know exactly how to frame your art piece. Premium Canvas art prints are prepared with a UV protective coating so they should be framed without glass. Canvas is manually stretched on a warp-resistant wooden frame. 1.25" thick, including a backer board and an attached hanger. The artwork will include an extra 3" of blank white canvas on all sides to allow for this stretching process. Textured Watercolour and Enhanced Matte art prints should be professionally framed under glass with a single or double matting. We strongly recommend framing with non-reflective glass with the use of acid-free matting. Matting will add size the image and improve the overall look. It will also prevent the print from pressing up against the glass which avoids building up condensation and overall improved the life of the artwork.

3. Hang It

Now that you have framed your artwork, it's time to hang carefully hang it on your wall in the perfect spot.

Step 1

Use painter’s tape to determine the placement of your picture. If hanging more than one picture, be sure to use the tape to highlight the spot where each picture will hang – it’ll help you spot any discrepancies.

Step 2

Use a pencil to mark where the screw, nail, or hook will sit on the wall. To account for the height difference between where the hanger sits and the top of your picture, measure the length from the hanger to the top of the frame. If you're hanging a canvas or a frame without hardware, measure from the top edge of the picture to the lip of the frame (where the screw or nail will rest).

Step 3

Attach your hanging method to the wall. For hanging strips, attach them to the picture frame before the wall. If using more than one strip, make sure they are all facing the same direction for easy removal.

Step 4

Hang your picture! Finish up by checking the placement with a level and nudging a side up or down as needed. What looks right up close may look slanted from afar!

Step 5

Send us a picture of your room with the artwork on the wall and be featured on our social media: