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In 2007 Kanwar Singh emerged as a premier artist of Sikh historical paintings of today’s generation when he established ArtofPunjab. His paintings on the lives of the Gurus and iconic Sikh greats are quickly instilling themselves in the consciousness of emerging generations of Sikhs globally. When he conjures up images of Sikh figures, his paintings convey an uncanny sense of presence, capturing the spirit of iconic subjects in defining moments of history.

Since founding ArtofPunjab, Kanwar Singh’s ultimate goal has been to create a legacy of work which will give the Sikh story a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations. His work reveals the quintessential moments in Sikh history which have shaped a dynamic Sikh community through its nascent beginnings in medieval Punjab to its present political and spiritual standing as the world’s fifth largest faith group.

At artofpunjab, we offer a collection of Sikh heritage and historical paintings for your home by artist Kanwar Singh. Through our top quality fine prints, we hope to bring the Sikh religion to life while beautifully driving home our key messages of peace, universal love, unity, equality of women, and service to humanity.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest prints to even the most discerning art buyers. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to discover new details each time you lay eyes on it. Since our prints are guaranteed to stand the test of time, you can treasure them your entire life and even pass them down to future generations as heirlooms. Our prints also make meaningful gifts for the special people in your life.

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Artist Kanwar Singh has been in the process of art making for as long as he can remember. However, it was when he started to take a keen interest in Sikh history that he discovered the true source of his inspiration as an artist. His ultimate goal is to create paintings that uplift the hearts of the Sikh panth worldwide and remind us of the excellence of our shared heritage.

While Kanwar aims to mirror the realism of past masters from the Baroque tradition onwards, the key to his art is a gift of storytelling. He has an ability to create stories which we have always known but with a grandeur which goes beyond anything previously seen. The strength of his imagination is such that once he depicts a seminal moment in Sikh history, it becomes difficult to imagine it differently.



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If you are looking an easy gift our high quality Fine Art prints starting at $70 CAD or our luxurious artist signed premium canvas prints is the perfect choice. Select from our 3 most popular Sikh spiritual and peaceful paintings or our most popular dynamic warrior paintings.


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Limited Edition Artist Signed Canvas

Artist Kanwar Singh offers his unique collection of Sikh paintings as part of a Limited Edition autographed series. A set number of Premium Canvas prints are hand-signed. A numbered certificate signed by the artist is also included as a commitment that you own a unique and collectible item. Premium Canvas is a 100% cotton all natural Lyve Canvas by Breathing Colour. This spectacular product is designed to last for generations using archival inks and a state-of-the-art Giclee fine print process. You will be astonished at the vibrancy and accuracy of the colours.


UK’s first permanent Sikh Art Gallery is a modern 7000 sq ft gallery at the Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara in Slough, UK, which took design inspiration from London’s renowned contemporary art gallery scene.

The Gallery is the permanent home of the dramatic Sikh paintings by artist Kanwar Singh with a collection of 40 paintings and original drawings, presented on an unprecedented scale. This already extensive collection of art work is set to be expanded annually and will be the artist’s UK home base and exclusive site for launching new art as it is created.

The gallery’s ongoing focus is two-fold, spreading knowledge of Sikh history with a focus on Gurbani and inspiring future generations to express their love of Sikhi through the arts.

Next Opening is Mar 3rd 2024, 4-6pm

Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara in Slough, UK 
221 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4BA

Free entry, suitable for all ages.

Kanwar Singh is that rare breed of artist who devotes immense time to reading accounts from Sikh history; he compliments this by contemplating Sikh ideology, allowing ideas and visions to fester, all before he has put a pencil to paper let alone his brush to canvas. Whilst clearly a talented artist, in my opinion his paintings are becoming as important to relaying the Sikh narrative today as those of Kirpal Singh a century ago.


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Gift Cards

Artofpunjab is now offering Gift Cards to celebrate all the special occasions. Give the gift of art to your family and friends for Sikh weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversary, house warmings and more.  Your loved ones can select a unique painting of their choice from a collection of over 40 paintings by artist Kanwar Singh.  This truly unique gift will last a lifetime.


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Amazing art … haven’t seen such astonishing Sikh paintings since Sobha Singh. Kanwar Singh truly will become a household name if he keeps putting out such outstanding artwork. The man has exceptional talent and he is using it in a great way.



We got our order in last night. It looks even more gorgeous in person. It's already at the professional framers. Can't wait to get it back. Thanks for all you do in bringing out awesome Sikhi related art pieces.

N. Kaur & M. Singh


Wow! Kanwar Singh's artwork on his website is awe-inspiring. I also love the fact that he researches actual events: it feels so real and makes you feel like you are experiencing that moment… truly inspirational!

R. Singh


Art of Punjab has the most accurate, detailed and beautiful Sikh paintings out there.

R. Singh


I am at a loss for words: you have definitely come to this earth to show us what Waheguru wants us to do in our lives. Your work automatically makes me feel God is within me. God bless you … always.

R. Kaur


I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to purchase one of your great art pieces and commend you on the AMAZING work you’ve done. Truly is incredible.

Jujhar Singh


Let our paintings make your home look fabulous

To own one of artist Kanwar Singh's exclusive paintings as part of your home decor, simple visit our Full Sikh Art Collection and select a painting of your choice. Choose from 3 types of fine art print - Premium Canvas, Textured Watercolour or Enhanced Matte.

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To purchase one of Kanwar
Singh's exclusive paintings as part of your home decor, simple visit our
Gallery and select a painting of your choice.

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Take your newly purchased fine art print to a custom frame shop in your local area. Most professional framers will know exactly how to frame your art piece.

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Now that you have framed your artwork, it's time to hang it carefully on your wall in the perfect spot and send us a picture to be featured on our socials!

The best and premium drawing materials

Enhanced Matte Paper

Enhanced Matte is a medium thickness silky smooth finish paper. It holds the archival inks well and produces a beautiful range of colours and tones with a soft matte finish. The paper is a 100% acid free and the print is lab tested to last up to 80 years without fading. Fine Art Paper Prints should be framed behind glass with matting to protect the painting.

Textured Watercolour Paper

Epson Cold Press Bright Watercolour paper is an acid free, 100% cotton rag media with a bright textured finish. This paper has an extremely-high colour gamut and black density. This fine art paper has a softer finish, beautiful textured paper with a vibrancy and richness similar to Canvas but with a flat matte finish. It is one of the best quality, sturdy and beautifully textured all natural (acid free) papers available on the market.

Premium Canvas

Exhibition Matte Premium Canvas is our highest quality fine art print prepared on museum grade canvas which has the rich colours and fine details of classic oil paintings. This elegantly textured canvas features a matte non-reflective surface with a bright white point, exceptionally high Dmax and wide colour gamut. The canvas is an acid-free, lignin-free heavyweight cotton-poly blend and the base is enhanced with elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking. Using archival inks and 100% cotton all nature canvas allows Kanwar Singh's unique collection of Sikh paintings to last for generations.

Journey of the Mind

Touring Sikh Art Exhibition

A community focused arts organization, Without Shape Without Form presents this incredible travelling art exhibition featuring figurative drawings and paintings by world-renowned Sikh artist Kanwar Singh and text panels–including excerpts in the original Gurmukhi script. The exhibition explores the stories of those who historically attained the religion’s highest spiritual levels. Through their stories, visitors can discover and take part in the spiritual journey of the mind, gaining a greater awareness of alternative approaches to thinking and understanding the mind for inner growth and clarity. The aim is to use the arts as a vehicle through which to explore the relationship between spirituality and Sikh heritage, from the religion’s 550 year old history.

The last London, UK exhibition was held at Cromwell Place, home to a thriving community of some of the world’s most exciting galleries, collectors, advisors, foundations and art businesses. They have formed an international arts space where arts professionals can collaborate and flourish.

Sikh Art Exhibition – Upcoming Events

  • Home Gallery | Slough, UK GMG Gurdwara | 4 Aug 2024
  • More events coming soon...