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Art of Punjab - Sharing Sikh Art Worldwide

In 2007 artist Kanwar Singh established artofpunjab.com. His paintings on the lives of the Gurus and iconic Sikh greats are quickly instilling themselves in the consciousness of emerging generations of Sikhs globally. When he conjures up images of Sikh figures, his paintings convey an uncanny sense of presence, capturing the spirit of iconic subjects in defining moments of history. Since founding artofpunjab.com, Kanwar Singh’s ultimate goal has been to create a legacy of work which will give the Sikh story a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations.

At artofpunjab.com, we offer a collection of Sikh heritage and historical paintings by artist Kanwar Singh. Through our top quality fine prints, we hope to bring the Sikh religion to life while beautifully driving home our key messages of peace, universal love, unity, equality of women, and service to humanity.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest prints to even the most discerning art buyers. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to discover new details each time you lay eyes on it. Since our prints are guaranteed to stand the test of time, you can treasure them your entire life and even pass them down to future generations as heirlooms.

Our prints also make meaningful gifts for the special people in your life. They’re sure to intrigue friends and family members and give them unique conversation starters to proudly display in their homes. So what are you waiting for? We invite you to explore our offerings and immerse yourself in the rich history and lessons of the Sikh religion.

Why Choose Our Prints

World renowned artist Kanwar Singh is dedicated to creating artwork focused on the history of Sikhism. His collection of Sikh paintings have been universally recognized by Sikh institutions worldwide as some of the finest Sikh Paintings of the current era, helping shape the image of Sikh history in our hearts and minds.

Museum Quality Fine Art

We go above and beyond to ensure the prints you receive are the best of the best. Many of our customers report they look like an original oil painting and belong in a museum.

Highly Collectible Sikh Art

Artist Kanwar Singh offers his unique collection of Sikh historical paintings as Limited Edition hand-signed Premium Canvas prints. Once the edition sells out it will never again be made available as an autographed print - ever. A numbered certificate also signed by the artist is included with your delivery as a commitment that you own a unique and collectible item.

Fast and Easy Shipping

Once you order from us, you can expect your print to arrive at your doorstep (or the doorstep of your loved one’s) promptly. We guarentee they’ll be in tip-top shape and ready for enjoyment. We SHIP WORLDWIDE and offer a 100% guarantee that your artwork will be delivered safe and secure.

Excellent Service

If you have a question about your order or are unsure of which print to choose, our enthusiastic team is here to help. We will help you buy the right art piece for your home and ensure you choose the perfect size.