Baba Jujar Singh

Baba Jujar Singh shahid at the battle of Chamkaur. I’m doing a series of four paintings on the Battle of Chamkaur. They will be part of a special exhibit on Guru Gobind Singh ji’s life and legacy as we prepare to celebrate his upcoming 350th birth anniversary. This should be the first painting I finish.

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June 1984


For all the shaheeds who stood against the bullets and tanks of Indira Gandhi’s criminal government in June 1984. May we never forget your sacrifice. Poem by Jasmin Kaur @suhaagan Guru Hargobind – Lord of Miri Piri painting by Kanwar Singh    

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Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Rider of the Blue Steed

Welcome. In this space I will be showcasing new and upcoming work as well as my ideas and the inspirations behind them. I am always engaged in different projects focused on telling the Sikh story, whether as a painter, a storyteller or an exhibition curator bringing together other creative voices within the Panth. This blog

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