Vaisakhi Exhibitions

Gobind 350

To celebrate Vaisakhi on this special year which marks the 350th Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh birth, Kanwar Singh has launched a year long exhibition titled, ‘Gobind 350.’

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New Painting Release

Baba Jujhar Singh Ji

At the Battle of Chumkaur, young Jujhur Singh said to his father,  “I shall die fighting, with my face towards the enemy, with the Naam on my lips and the Guru in my heart.”

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Limited Edition Canvas

artist signed canvas print

Autographed prints by Kanwar Singh

Artist Kanwar Singh offers his unique paintings as part of a Limited Edition autographed series.  A set number of Canvas prints are hand-signed by the artist.

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Feature Painting

sikh art

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Master & Disciple.
The Amrit ceremony on the first Vaisakhi of 1699 marked Guru Gobind Rai’s transformation into Gobind Singh.

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Artist Kanwar Singh

Born in Amritsar.

Raised in Toronto.

Spreading Sikh Art Worldwide.

Kanwar Singh creates paintings that uplift the
hearts of the Sikh panth worldwide and remind
us of the excellence of our shared heritage.


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kanwar sngh

The artwork he creates is wholly original and charts his personal journey into
Sikhism. These works have been universally recognized by sikh institutions
worldwide as some of the finest Sikh Paintings of the current era, helping
shape the image of Sikh history in our hearts and minds.


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High Quality Artwork
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Product Information

Premium Canvas

Canvas prints are highly collectible and look like an original oil painting. Every painting is initially offered as part of a Limited Edition series hand-signed by the artist Kanwar Singh. Lyve Canvas by Breathing Colour is 100% cotton and all natural.

Textured Watercolor

Watercolour paper by Hahnemuhle has a softer finish, beautiful textured paper with a vibrancy and richness similar to Canvas but with a flat matte finish. It is one of the best quality, sturdy and beautifully textured all natural (acid free) papers available on the market.

Enhanced Matte Paper

Enhanced Matte is a medium thickness silky smooth finish paper. It holds the archival inks well and produces a beautiful range of colours and tones with a soft matte finish. The paper is a 100% acid free and the print is lab tested to last up to 80 years without fading.